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Recent updates to our website include

Added minutes of Kaneville Board of Trustees monthly meetings for 2013 and January 2014 to November 2014 Removal of 2012 Minutes online  - minutes can still be retrieved in the Kaneville office. 

2015 schedule of Kaneville Village Board Meetings


The first permanent settlers in Kaneville Township were Amos and Amanda
Minor, who built their house on Perry Road, in 1836. The Village of Kaneville
grew at the intersection of the furrows plowed for the stage coach to follow.
These two furrows showed the way from Batavia to Dixon and the trail from
Chicago to Galena. Within a short time, the village had roads, stores, churches
and schools and a government framework, all of which exist today.
 The addition of the Ravlin subdivision in the 1960’s doubled the size of the
After many Kaneville Township Board public meetings where the issue of
incorporation was discussed, in depth, the residents voted to incorporate in
November 2006. An area of approximately one square mile, centered at Main St.
and Harter Rd., constitutes the village, today. The 2000 Census stated the
population of Kaneville to be 440 residents. An unofficial census taken by the
village in 2007 indicated 490 residents.
Upon being incorporated, village officials were appointed, in accordance with
Illinois statutes, by a Kane County judge, based upon resumes submitted by
several residents after an invitation to apply for these positions was posted at
several locations in the village. At the April 2007 General Election, the appointed
officials formally ran for office and were elected by the residents.

Village Contacts 

Following is a roster of the Village Board of Trustees:

NAME                     POSITION
Pat Hill                    Village President
Angie Bateman         Village Clerk
Margie Jordon           Village Treasurer
Del Ward                  Village Trustee
David Kovach           Village Trustee
Jon Behm                Village Trustee
Tim Christopher        Village Trustee
Mike Maple              Village Trustee
Carl Hauser             Village Trustee

The Board of Trustees meets each month on the Third Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in
the Village office at the Werdin Community Center at Harter Rd. and Main St.
These meetings are open to all residents and you are encouraged to attend to
listen and convey your thoughts.

Thank you Bob Rodney for your years of service.  Rest in peace (1938 - 2012)



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 Soon after taking office, the trustees identified the need to appoint a Plan
Commission whose function would be to develop a Comprehensive Plan. This
Plan, developed by most municipalities in this country, is the vision of what the
community wants to become and the steps needed to meet that goal, within an
area 1-1/2 miles surrounding the Village boundaries,  out to a timeframe of 20 to
30 years. The Plan is composed of a series of separate, but interrelated
elements such as:

  • Land Use
  • Natural Resources
  • Transportation
  • Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Historic Preservation
  • Community Facilities




The following area residents were appointed to the Plan Commission, and have
been meeting, regularly, with the assistance of the Kane County Development
Department, to create the Village’s first Comprehensive Plan:

   NAME               POSITION

  Joe White          Chairman
  Paul Stover       Commission Member
  Clifford Hill         Commission Member
  Henry Harvell     Commission Member

The Plan Commission meets, as needed by the Village Board,
in the Werdin Community Center at Harter Rd. and Main St. Meeting notices will be posted
48 hours in advance on the Village bulletin board. These meetings are
open to all residents and you are encouraged to attend to listen and convey your

Zoning and Building Permits

The Village has adopted the Zoning and Building ordinances of Kane County.
These ordinances have been enacted in order to protect the health, safety and
property values of all residents. When planning any building or rehab project,
contact the Village Zoning Enforcement or Building Enforcement officer to ensure
your project receives the necessary permits and inspection. Building permits may be downloaded here and filled out, prior to contacting the Village's Building Enforcement Officer.

The Zoning Enforcement and Building Enforcement Officer is:

Pat Hill  (630) 557-0037

Leave a message on the voicemail and someone will get back to you as soon as

Freedom of Information Officer (FOIA)

The Village Freedom of Information Officer is:

Angie Bateman
Phone: (630) 557-0037
FAX: (630) 557-0043
Email: info@villageofkaneville.com
Mail: 2S101 Harter Rd., P.O. Box 83, Kaneville, IL 60144

Go here for details on how to submit a FOIA request.

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