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The Village of Kaneville has contracted with Lake Shore Recycling/DC Trash to be the only designated waste disposal company to handle residential waste and recyclables within the village limits.   

The village board entered into this contract as a service for our residents and also to limit truck traffic which increases the wear and tear on the village streets.

The state of Illinois passed the Electronic Product Recycling and Reuse Act, which bans 17 electronic items from landfills.  Please visit this link for additional information from Kane County 


Refuse pickup is Tuesday.

Questions may be directed to the village at 630-557-0037.



Village Comprehensive Plan
 Now Available Online

After over two years of conscientious effort, the Village Plan Commission presented the village's first 
Comprehensive Plan to the village board of trustees at the October board meeting. The trustees unanimously voted to approve the plan and the final document is available to all interested parties. You may download it or view it on-line, but, please be aware that the PDF file is large, over 32 MB, so it may take a while to download, even on a high-speed internet connection.
If anyone wishes a paper copy or a cd-rom version of the document, please contact the village at 630-557-0037.

Comprehensive Plan

 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Functional Divisions of the Village of Kaneville
To view a block diagram of the functional divisions of the Village click here

Village Operating Budget
For the fiscal year 2009-2010, the Village of Kaneville operates on a budget of $143,226.00

The location of the Village office is 2S101 Harter Rd, Kaneville, Illinois.  The Village Office does not have standard operating hours.  Hours are by appointment only. 

Number of Employees
The Village of Kaneville employs  part-time employees

Members of Boards, Commissions and Committees
The members of our Boards, Commissions and Committees are listed on the homepage.

FOIA Request Contact Information

        Email:           info@villageofkaneville.com

        FOIA Officer:        David Kovach

          Phone:                  (630) 557-0037

          Mail:                      FOIA Request

                                        P.O. Box 83
                                        Kaneville, IL  60144

All requests for information must be made in written form.  You may submit your request in writing by using email or USPS.

Your request should contain the following information:

  • Your name and organization
  • Multiple forms of contact information (email, phone, address, fax)
  • A detailed description of the information you are looking for, including required dates.
  • Indicate if the request is for commercial purposes as defined in the statute

Categories of records under Village control:




Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Financial Records



Zoning Variance Requests

Building/Zoning Code Violations

Village Map

Comprehensive Plan

Fees for copies of records:

  • Black and white copies, letter or legal -  no charge for the first 50 pages
  • $0.15 per page after 50 pages
  • Colorcopies $0.15 per page copies $0.15 per page copies $0.15 per page copies $0.15 per page
    copies $0.15 per page copies $0.15 per page



Village Stormwater Management Project

After several months of review, and after delays due to weather and soggy ground conditions, a project was actively begun in February 2010 to rehabilitate the stormwater drainage ditch that routes through the village from Lovell and Harter rds., through the subdivision and ends up at Dauberman Rd., where it eventually empties into Welch Creek. The purpose of this project was to eliminate the blockage of stormwater that occurs during heavy rains, and, on some residents' properties resulted in flooding of not only their outside area, but also has caused flooding in basements. In addition, the project, when completed, will reduce, if not eliminate standing water that is a mosquito breeding ground. A map of the route of the drainage ditch in the village is shown here.

In the latter part of February 2010, about ten trees that had grown over the past 30 years and were impeding the flow of stormwater, in the ditch in the area from the intersection of  Elm St. and Locust St. to Cedar Ct. were cut down by a tree service company, with whom the village contracted. Some photos of this phase of the projecty may be seen by clciking on the following links:

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Immediately after the trees were felled, local volunteers, including Dale Pierson, Gary Koehring, and Don Angell, stepped up and got out their chainsaws, trucks, and in Dale's case, a skidloader, to cut up the downed tree trunks and limbs, and remove them from the ditch. The Village owes a debt of gratitude to these volunteers for their time and effort. Many residents requested, and received, some of the cut-up tree sections to use for firewood.

The next week, the tree service came back, per our contract with them, and ground down the stumps about 12 inches below ground level in preparation for excavating 30 years accumulated dirt and debris.

The excavation of the drainage ditch has been generously volunteered to be done by, again, Dale Pierson. Again, dependent upon weather and soil conditions, this may be completed by the early part of April 2010. Of course, before this may begin, the Village has a J.U.L.I.E. survey completed in order to identify any underground utilities.

One unanticipated obstacle recently arose in regard to a culvert located in Cedar Ct. The ditch was attempted to be cleared of dirt on Sunday, March 21, 2010, by volunteers of the Kaneville Fire Protection District. Using the high-pressure water from their pumpers, they attempted to clear the culvert of dirt, but were thwarted by the dense accumulation of dirt. This culvert, having dirt in it for 30 years, has also held water and more than likely is rusted. Thus, even if cleared, somehow, it very likely is rusted and would collapse in time. Therefore, the Village is obtaining quotes for replacement of the culvert.

We will update this section of the web site as additional progress and information is made available.

If you have questions or comments regarding this project, phone the Village office at (630) 557-0037.

July/August 2008 Community Survey

In June 2008, a letter was mailed to 200 random mailing addresses in the Village, describing a Community Survey being conducted in conjunction with the Plan Commission's work to develop a Comprehensive Plan. Included with the letter was a postage-paid postcard with 16 questions relevant to the Plan. 50 residents mailed back the postcards by the deadline requested. The letter and a compilation of the responses to the questions are available for your review.
(Note: Documents are in Adobe PDF format. Click
here to download the free Adove Reader program)

Survey Cover Letter

Survey Response Compilation

Comments and Observations on the July/August 2008 Community Survey Responses

Extra Kane County Sheriff's Patrols in Village

For the past year, the Village has contracted with the Kane County Sheriff's Dept. to provide extra patrols in the Village. This was in response to many resident's complaints regarding speeding vehicles on Main St. and Harter Rd. during the morning and evening commute hours. These extra patrols are performed by off-duty Sheriff's officers, using official Sheriff Dept. vehicles. The Sheriff's officers have, during this period, issued many citations and warnings. The Village will continue to contract for these patrols in order to control those drivers passing thru our Village who disregard posted speed limits and stop signs.






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